c3cat – Cat Ears Operation Center

C3CAT with a cat ear headband around the 'A'


The "original" cat ear model we used was borrowed from Printables. Since then, some people started to develop an improved and parametrized version with OpenSCAD.

See the CCCHH wiki for the latest information on signs, 3D models, etc.


A few people from Hamburg started to 3D-print and wear cat ear headbands at EH20 which lead to some "can I get one, too" reactions. They continued at GPN21 and cccamp23 with a spreadsheet-based ordering system. At camp, three 3D printers were operating more or less non-stop, but weren't enough to fulfill the demand.

The camp got some more people interested in the topic of printing cat ears and two of them pre-printed a lot before the 37c3. But even 1500 cat ears were sold-out in the first two days. So demand is high, let's disrupt gender stereotypes!